FAQ about Birds and Bees Montreal Prenatal Classes

Insurance Coverage Information

Our clients often ask if our course can be covered through private insurance. This will depend on your individual insurance coverage.

Megan is a registered member of the ANQ (Association des Naturotherapeutes du Quebec) and as such, can write receipts as a naturotherapist.

Please note, many insurance companies have naturopaths and naturotherapists under different categories and may not cover one or the other.

It is up to each client to verify with their respective insurance companies to ensure coverage. Please note that Birds and Bees Prenatal Classes will not communicate directly with your insurance company on your behalf, nor will we falsify documents to provide coverage through your insurance.

The receipts are provided only at the END OF THE SECOND SESSION, and are generally written under one person’s name. The amount of the total fee paid will be split by the number of classes attended to allow for a cost per “visit”. Please note your receipt will include the taxes paid on our fee.

Receipts are written for each client and given out once the session is complete. Please do not lose your receipt as we are unable to provide a second copy.

When should I sign up for prenatal classes?

At Birds and Bees Prenatal Classes we recommend signing up so that you attend your classes between 25 and 38 weeks of pregnancy.
Our course content will be most relevant to you during that time and it means that you’re able to complete your prenatal class before baby arrives.

What do we need to bring?

Our prenatal classes are held at a great location, Melons et Clementines in the heart of NDG. There are comfortable couches to sit on, a washroom, and snacks and lunch for purchase on site. There is a lunch break during the class where you can leave for a quick lunch or you may pack your own.

We suggest that you dress comfortably, since we will be spending the day together and practicing positions and techniques for labour and birth. Make yourself at home!

If you are the type to want to take notes, bring a notepad. We’ll have lots of relevant childbirth education handouts to give you- we’ll provide you with a folder.

Can I bring a friend or family member instead?

You can bring whoever you choose! We suggest bringing the person who will serve as your primary support at the birth and in the weeks after. The price is fixed for two people- we ask that only one of you be pregnant though. If you want to take our prenatal class at the same time as another expectant friend, sign up for the same session!

What makes your prenatal classes better than the others?

We don’t mind tooting our own horn- our classes are pretty great!
Choosing our classes means you get the best of both worlds. What do we mean by that? We’ll explain. Some prenatal classes are very focused on preparing you for a specific type of birth. Some classes just want to explain the basics of what happens when you get an epidural or how to bathe your baby. Other classes might be very focused on avoiding interventions and doing everything naturally. We made a class that we felt could cater to everyone giving birth in Montreal.
As a doula and a nurse we come from two different sides of the medical model and we have a wide variety of trainings and experiences. Our backgrounds in everything from both the nursing and medical side and the doula and holistic side means we can offer you the whole picture. We can cover all the different aspects of birth and how to prepare. We can give you the insight we’ve learned by actually working in the hospitals where you’ll give birth.
We are two mothers, with young children of our own. So on top of our trainings, we also have recent real-life personal experience to draw from- you won’t see any videos from the 80s in our class. Expect it be fun, fresh and relevant.
And that’s why we can confidently say you’ll be getting the most unique and comprehensive prenatal classes in Montreal.

Birds and Bees Prenatal Classes was great! I had so many questions about labour and birth especially when to go to the hospital and how to know if I’m in labour. I feel so much clearer after taking the classes. You both did such a good job of answering our questions and making everyone feel comfortable.